Do Pima Cotton Bed Sheets Shed?

Most bed sheets shed after a period of time. It is something that will occur no matter what you do. However, it is something that can be prolonged if you take care of your sheets properly and wash them using the correct washing instructions.

Now, pima cotton bed sheets are already less likely to shed than other bed sheets will. Pima cotton is strong and durable. They run a very close race with Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Pima cotton bed sheets are a little on the expensive side, however, they are more affordable than other expensive bed sheets. Plus, pima cotton bed sheets, when taken care of properly, can last you for many years to come.

Buy Pima Cotton

You can buy pima cotton bed sheets at Bed Space if you are interested in getting a set of your own. And if you are worried about them shedding, don’t. Pima cotton bed sheets don’t shed in the first few years. As long as they have proper care.

When and if they do start to shed, you would have already gotten your money worth of the bed sheets. Now, if there are some other things that you would like to know about pima cotton bed sheets, you can read more here.